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15 Seconds Statistics show that a burglary happens every fifteen seconds.

30% of people are home when their house is being burglarized.

Fire! Studies have shown that odours such as smoke may not wake a person up from a      deep slumber.

With the amplified sound of the Sound Enhancing Pillow a person can hear a burglar or alarm easily.


Listening Enjoyment

Enjoy the full quality sound of your favourite movie or music while relaxing. The Sound Enhancing Pillow can dramatically amplify sound giving you much better listening enjoyment. There’s no need to turn up the volume; muffled stereo sound is no longer a problem. The pillow also helps with hearing everyday household noises such as the telephone, doorbell and the alarm clock.

The Couch Pillow Version features in a more compact size. Truly enjoy surround sound like it was intended to be heard! A must have for the ‘binge watcher!’


Prevent CNH

Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis (CNH) is a common, benign, painful condition of the helix or antihelix of the ear. CNH more often affects middle-aged or older men, but cases are also reported in women.

The affected area may only be a few millimetres wide, but to lie on it causes exquisite discomfort. It may persist for months or sometimes years, and may be confused with a skin cancer.

One treatment method is to avoid sleeping on the affected ear, however, during deep sleep a person may move onto the affected ear. A soft pillow with a fashioned hole will eleviate discomfort. The ear opening on the SEP pillow allows a person to sleep comfortably on the affected ear, rendering no further damage. The SEP pillow is also a great solution to avoid CNH in the first place.


The Pillow Explosion

Americans spent $740 million on sleeping pillows in 2010, according to the industry trade publication Home Textiles Today. That figure has been rising in recent years, despite an overall downturn in home textiles.

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