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• HSN, OVC, Amazon, Best Buy and big drug store chains.

• Cross promote with electronics brands like Samsung, Bose etc. Netflix / give free pillow with every subscription

• Government potential: Army, Navy, First Responders

• Could be featured on news channels for free, (they are always looking for cool tech ideas, could possibly get SEP on    discovery channel

• Sell to new markets like hearing aid centers. (i.e. Costco, Sam's Club, etc.)

• Could potentially get approval to be covered by health insurance.

• Endorsement from hearing foundations.

• Great for BINGE WATCHERS (73 % of americans binge watch)

• Put commercial on streaming services (Netflix, Disney, Amazon etc. target market for couch version.


Recent hearing loss statistics: 100 Million Americans have some sort of hearing loss and that number is expected to

double by 2050. These numbers are in the USA alone; numbers worldwide are staggering. (No other product

worldwide like this which means no competition)



If you are hearing impaired this pillow will help you with hearing: 

• Smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, alarms clocks, telephones, doorbells and general house & perimeter noise.

• Care givers of the elderly (hear them if they get up and start to wander around.

• Parents of newborns.

• Watch TV in bed without having to increase the volume and still have surround sound, will increase sound by 180%      without electronics.

• Flip pillow over to disengage sound, now pillow works like a regular pillow.

• Future plans for a  couch designed pillow for TV watching 

• A binge watcher must have, Movies, Sports etc. (73% of americans binge watch) We watch TV in high definition why    not hear in high definition!

• Pillow works 100% on acoustics no batteries, electronics and improves quality of hearing by 180%. No need to turn up the volume.

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