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This Revolutionary Patented Sound Enhancing Pillow elevates levels of normal hearing without the aid of any electronics.

This pillow improves the audibility of:

• Smoke & CO2 detection & alarm devices

• Security Systems

• Telephones

• Doorbells

• Alarm Clocks

• Television (Hear Surround Sound Properly)

• Baby Monitors

• White Noise

• General House and Perimeter Noise

• Music

The Technology Behind the SEP Pillow


Our unique varying radius ( Ellipse ) profile amplifies sound waves and channels sound through the exponential horn to the ear.



Slightly reduces the specific impendent of sound, acoustic baffles smoothes out the sound response to maintain the naturalness of the sound.


The pillow takes the high and low sound waves to a midrange which is smoother and a more natural sound and easier for us to hear.

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