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We at SEP realized there was a need for a pillow to help the hearing impaired hear better while laying down as the number of people with hearing impairment is substantial and growing at an alarming rate in all ages. From age related impairment, to noise damage done by our daily use of tech devices at all ages. Once our team looked into a solution of how we could fix this, we soon realized we all become hearing impaired while laying on a pillow. So we set out to solve this without the use of any electronics. After much research, design and engineering and lab testing from our experienced team of inventors and award winning audiologist we are excited to announce the innovative SEP pillow an evolution in enhancing your Quality of hearing.



Some people ask why would you want a pillow to make you hear better? We at SEP say why wouldn’t you. When you think about what we hear at night most sounds we are use to and stay asleep regardless, it is the alarming and odd sounds that you want to be aware of because they usually mean something is wrong or abnormal. Weather it be a child crying an alarm an intruder or perimeter noise. This day and age we have all learned to be vigilant in our daily life ,so why not when your sleeping when you are most vulnerable.


Watching TV

For people who use music, white noise machines, tv help them sleep you can keep volume down and enjoy the sounds that work for you. Most importantly when you are watching TV in your bed or on the couch with your Hi def screen and surround sound the SEP pillow enhances your over all experience with your equipment. In this busy life style we all have, recording and streaming your favourite shows to binge watch has become the new normal. Why not hear better while relaxing on the SEP pillow. Keep in mind when you are not in the mood to enhance the sound simply turn pillow over to disengage to make it like laying on any pillow.

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